Boeing 737 was purposely sunk

On January 14th, 2006 a former Canadian Airlines Boeing 737 was  purposely sunk in the waters off Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada by the Artificial Reef Society of BC ( as an artificial reef for marine life and divers to enjoy.

The Canadian SRDI Diving Team from the Vancouver branch participated in one of the biggest diving operations of the decade on January 14th, 2006. The event was centered around the sinking of a Boeing 737 and the SRDI team was in charge of public safety for the event. The SRDI head instructor, Zoran Bogdanovic was the first to make the dive down into the plane.

The sinking took place just off the coast of Vancouver Island by the small town of Chemainus. The Artificial Reef Society of B.C., a none-profit organization, spear headed the event and made it possible. Many other organizations were present to either broadcast the sinking all over the world or to make sure things went as smoothly as possible. Among others, the Coast Guard, Environment Canada, the RCMP (Marine Unit) and numerous local rescue teams were present. The Discovery Channel crew was filming footage for a program that will air later this year.

The project had been worked on for 5 years and on January 14th, thanks to all the sponsors (including SRDI) and participating organizations, the large aircraft finally was sunk to the cheers of bystanders.

After 10 years the Special Response Diver Team revisits the Boeing 737 wreck