Technical Divers

altTechnical Diving allows a diver to safely exceed recreational dive limits by using advanced procedures and equipment. Technical diving may involve a physical obstruction of the surface, such as diving inside a cave where direct access to the surface is not possible. In decompression the divers are essentially “trapped” underwater for a calculated amount of time whilst de-saturation occurs. This inability to immediately abort the dive and ascend to the surface means that the diver must be capable and prepared to deal with any contingencies or problems that arise the dive. 




What people say

"They teach you many useful things from their great experience..."

Oliver Trion

“I completed the SRD Underwater Investigation 1 course in Vancouver BC. There was no Hollywood fluff in this course just solid facts and fundamentals regarding the realities of how to be a professional diver investigator. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to work in investigation business...”

David Tompson

“I've attended two SRDI courses in Serbia. Even though I'm diver arts for more than15 years and have seen a lot, I was amazed how good the system of training was. If you have the opportunity don't miss it!...”

Goran Jankovic