Specialty Divers

altEach of our specialty courses is focused on the proper knowledge, skills, equipment and experience required to become a proficient special response diver. Taking specialties is a great way to earn higher levels of diver ratings such as Specialty Diver,

Ice Rescue

Our 1 Day Ice Rescue course offers rescue techniques that will provide the knowledge to perform effective surface ice rescues and teach students how to avoid becoming a victim of the ice environment. The program will be stationed in the classroom as well as at an open water site.

The subjects covered in the course include, ice strength assessment, ice formations and hazards, rescuer and victim response to acute hypothermia, ice-rescue equipment and techniques, cold water drowning and ice rescue operation plans.

River Crossing

The purpose of any river crossing is to pass over a water obstacle to accomplish a mission. A river crossing is a unique operation. It requires certain procedures in order to succeed because the water obstacle prevents normal ground techniques from being used. It also requires careful planning and control measures and technical support which set it apart from other tactical operations.

The nature and size of the obstacle, the operation situation, and available assets limit the tactical commander's options. SRDI will train its students to overcome all these obstacles and be able to stage a successful river crossing operation.

What people say

"They teach you many useful things from their great experience..."

Oliver Trion

“I completed the SRD Underwater Investigation 1 course in Vancouver BC. There was no Hollywood fluff in this course just solid facts and fundamentals regarding the realities of how to be a professional diver investigator. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to work in investigation business...”

David Tompson

“I've attended two SRDI courses in Serbia. Even though I'm diver arts for more than15 years and have seen a lot, I was amazed how good the system of training was. If you have the opportunity don't miss it!...”

Goran Jankovic